Steam boiler is a basic heating requirement used from the days of inception of steam engine to till date. It is most versatile heating media. The beauty of steam start when 1 kg of water is converted to 1000C of steam it directly delivered 540 kcal/kg. It has highest heat Transfer co- efficient than other heating media. In the present days of Industrialization, demand of energy is increasing rapidly. It is therefore, necessary to design and operate thermal equipments at their highest level of performance for efficient utilization of fuels and natural resources available.enegy conservation is the only avenue to reduce fuel bills.

Steam is the only heating media which flows because of its own differential pressure while other heating media requires pump to how

Steam is the only heating media which transfer the heat at constant temp. All other heating media transfer the heat because of difference in temp.

Steam is the only heating media which instantly cracks the temp by reducing pressure. All other heating media will take time for reducing temp.Beacuse of this inherent property; steam can caters the different temp more efficiently than all other heating media.

Steam is the only heating media which has temperature is directly related to pressure and pressure is inversely related to volume.So, for higher temperature application, Steam has low material cost & insulation cost and sizable reduction in radiation losses than other heating media (particularly thermic fluid) for same temperature Application.

In case of pipe leakage, steam pipeline can be repaired more easily and speedily while in case of thermic pipeline, whole system has to be evacuated and then only repairing is possible, this is very time consuming costly and tedious job.

Steam is the only heating media where supply of heat (steam) is on the basis of back pressure offered by the system while all other heating media works on return temperature of heating media.

  • Operate boiler closer to design capacity .Radiation of loss of boiler is about 1% at full load condition and it is 4% at 1/4 operating load.
  • REDUCE EXCESS AIR : If the excess air is higher than required, the excess air carries away the useful heat to the atmosphere through chimey.meassure and control air - fuel ratio or oxygen and carbon monoxide content of flue gas.
  • CLEAN HEATING SURFACES : The clean heating surfaces on either side of heat exchanger, lowers flue gas temperature and increase the heat transfer efficiency.
  • Use proper insulation to reduce heat losses on boiler/pipe line.for more details. Please refer page no. 9 & 10 of our technical information.
  • Install air preheater / water preheater : Recover the heat from outgoing flue gasses & transfer It back into the system by preheating.
  • RECOVER THE CONDENSATE : The condensate in the system has the same temperature of steam. It is having sensible heat which can be recovered by putting up condensate recovery system. It increases the feed water temperature & there by reduces fuel bills if it is effectively recovered & utilized. Also do not allow the accumulation of the condensate in the steam system it can be lead to water hammering effect which results in leakage of the steam line.
  • USE PROPER STEAM TRAP : Due to condensate collection in the system it effects heat transfer rate. So, it is required to remove from the system efficiency.
  • Eliminate air from steam for effective heating : Air in the system resist heat transfer rate. So it is necessary to remove air from the steam system.