Oil/GAS fuel fired

The indirect oil fired hot air generator is of unique designed with two passes system comprising of a radiation chamber fabricated out of steel plate connected with furnace. The steel radiation chamber is designed with expansion joint to with stand thermal shock due to hot & cold condition. The outer shell is fabricated out of plate and Boiler quality tube to form passes of flue gas and for hot air generation. The entire unit is place on a common base frame. Liberally designed and fabricated H A G to ensure highest fuel efficiency and low wall temperatures. Thus ensure fuel economy and longer unit life throughout the operation. All passes of hot air generator is easily and quickly accessible for maintenance and repairs. This particulars feature reduces the break down time to a great extent and increases reliability of the unit. The furnace and other materials are properly selected and sized such that the wall temperature is much below the safe operating temperature limits. The fresh air layout is carefully and suitably designed to maintain lowest air pressure drop at rated airflow condition.

Semi automatic, shell & tube type hot air generators with external furnace.

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