Coil type non IBR

Hi Tech make fully automatic coil type , Oil / Gas fired vertical non IBR boiler liberally provided surface area and proper atomizing of oil / gas and air will provide highest thermal efficiency . Proper selection of material & thickness renders high corrosion margin rendering long life of boiler . Incoming water is passed through economizer to absorb the heat from outgoing gas. Preheated water is circulated through coil shaped heat exchanger. more surface area will generate in high dryness fraction to the tune of 0.9 , this will results in extra enthalpy generation almost 1,00,000 kcal / hr with compare to same capacity others design boiler for 600 kg/hr.

Salient Features

Technical Specifications

  • Category:Steam boilers
  • Type:Fully automatic, 4 pass, vertical.
  • Capacity:100 kg/hr to 800 kg/hr ( F & A 100° C )
  • Working Pressure:10.54kg/cm² (g) to 18 kg/m² (g)
  • Fuel:LDO/ HSD/ FO/ LPG / Natural Gas.
  • Efficiency:87% ± 1 based on NCV of fuel.

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