Condensate recovery pump system

The system : - condensate recovery tank is used to collect the condensate coming from plant via flash vessel which separate condensate from flash steam. From the receiver tank collected condensate is transfer to pressure pump tank. The collected condensate in pressure pump tank is pushed to boiler feed water tank through de-areator by using small amount of motive steam.

Steam operated pump is recognized for its quality, durability & versatility. Steam operated pump primarily intended to move condensate without the use of electricity.

Reasons to install condensate recovery

(1) Return hot condensate conserving boiler feed water, reducing chemical and fuel cost.
(2) Reduces cost of water treatment plant.
(3) Reduce row water requirement Save water, Save nation.
(4) Hot condensate holds 20% of the energy.
(5) Condensate water is distilled water can be feed to boiler to reduce scale formation in boiler.
(6) Every 6-70 C rise in feed water temp reduce the fuel cost by 1%.
(7) High feed water temperature reduces the dissolved oxygen in water & thus prevents corrosion due to dissolve oxygen & prevents leaks of boiler tubes.
(8) Reduces blow down losses drastically.

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